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Scams advice

Have you received a letter, email, or phone call telling you that you have won a huge prize?

It is very likely (TAKE FOR SURE) that this letter or mail is a scam, a lie, and the scammers will try to charge you commisions or other "costs" before paying you the supposed prize (THIS PRIZE DOES NOT EXIST). DO NOT PAY ANYTHING.

Scammers often use the names of legitimate lottery organizations, but that doesn´t mean the offer in the message is legitimate. Anyone can send a phony message that says "This is the Spanish National Lottery and you have won a prize"-and that´s just what the scammers do. The basic rule to remember is: if you didn´t enter, you can´t win. No legitimate lottery organization awards prizes to random people who have never entered their contest. Information about legitimate lottery organizations is available elsewhere on the web.

There is number of groups of criminals, of various nationalities, are using the prestige and the commercial names of the Official Lotteries by fraudulent means in several countries, particularly in countries in the south-west of Asia and the Pacific, and countries on the American continent. They move with ease around the whole world and use mobile telephones, PO boxes, provisional or false addresses (including real addresses of official Spanish organisations), as well as names that bring to mind prestigious institutions ("el Gordo", "euromillones", "la Primitiva", "European Lottery Commission", etc.) They also forge the printed sheets and signatures of various banks.

In order to carry out the fraud, the procedure that is generally followed consists of informing the potential victim that they have been the lucky winner of a substantial prize (even if they have not participated in any draw), although they cannot collect this prize until they have paid an amount going towards the taxes, bank costs, delivery costs or insurance processing, etc. Usually, the fraudster warns their potential victim that the deadline to pay these charges is very soon and that their right to collect the prize is about to expire.

Therefore, when you are offered "prizes" that seem to be linked to the Spanish Lottery, DO NOT PAY any amount. Likewise, we would be grateful if you could inform local authorities of these crimes.