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Is Euromillones.com the official website of the Euromillions Lottery?
No. Euromillions® is a registered trademark of the Company Service aux Lotteries en Europe (SLE) being operated by different national lotteries. You can visit their websites in the links page. Euromilones.com is website managed by The World Lottery and has the objective of inform, in a non official way, about the Euromillions game.
How can I play Euromillions?
You can visit and buy your tickets in the nearest lottery office to you home (in the countries where the game is played), and place there your bets, or if you can, or is more comfortable for you, we will transmint in your name your bets directly to the official Spanish Lottery Administrations of LAE (Loterias y Apuestas del Estado) in Spain. One of the countries where you can play Euromillions.
Can I play in Euromilliones.com?
You can. Playing Euromillions in Euromillones.com with The World Lottery is the same as doing it in an official Spanish Lottery Adminisrtation, but with all the advantages that we offer, mainly the comfort of playing from home.
Cost of the tickets
Includes the bet management, email of information of results and prizes, tranfer of the prize, and all the costs to give you a good service.

That is the official cost of the ticket plus our service fee plus the VAT (tax) over the service.
Which is the prize of Euromillions?
It depends on the jackpot of the draw. If one draw there are no first category winners the money goes to increase the next draw jackpot. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 17 million euros, and the maximum jackpot that has been reached was 190 million euros after 8 weeks without winners.

There are other 12 kind of prizes available apart from the first one.
Is there some commission or cost to cash the prizes?
No, Euromillones.com NEVER CHARGE any commision for the prizes.
When does the draw takes place and when can I see the results?
The draw is done every Tuesday and Friday, and the results are published in the Web arround 21:45 CET (Spanish time). The prizes are published after the scrutiny, that usually arround 23:00 CET.
Is this a secured website?
Yes, all your personal information will be encrypt by SSL. You can check that we are a completely legal company in the seal of verification of Verisign.
How do I know that I am going to cash my prize?
Euromillones.com is part of THE WORLD LOTTERY, Company related to Spanish lottery with more than 12 years of presence in Internet. We have customers across more than 150 countries.
Can I play if I am not Spanish?
Yes, we place your bets in Spain in your name. There is no restriction for foreign people to buy tickets in a lottery shop.
How can I pay my bets?
With any accepted credit/debit card or with your balance in your account of Euromillones.com. The balance in Euromillones can only be created with the prizes that you win playing with us. There is no way to add funds via cards or transfers.
Can I play if I am under 18 years?
No. The game under 18 years old is totally forbidden.
This website is neither connected with, nor affiliated to, nor owned or run by Euromillions® (a registered trademark of the Company Service aux Lotteries en Europe (SLE)).
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