The game

What is Euromillions draw?
Euromillions is a lottery game played on tuesdays and fridays and organized between some countries of Europe, initially Frace, United Kingdom and Spain, but some others have joined: Portugal, Irland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

As many people play the jackpot can be huge, a minimum of 17 million euros every draw and if there are no first category winners, the jackpot gets bigger for next draw. Jackpots can reach 230 million euros or even more.
How is the game played?
You must hit 5 numbers of a table with 50 (from 1 to 50) and also 2 numbers (stars) of a table (from 1 to 12). So to get the first prize you must match 7 numbers (5 + 2).
How is the draw?
There is one draw every tuesday and friday of each week to get the winning numbers for all the countries. The draw takes part in Paris. The escrutiny is done in the same place for the bets of all countries.
How it is played?
In all the countries, despite the tickets design in slightly different, the block is made up of two tables, one for the 50 numbers and other for the 12 stars.

What is The Million?
The Millon is an associated draw of EuroMillions, done every week, but only in Spain. Every EuroMillions line played in Spain on Tuesdays and Fridays draws, automatically enters into the draw for one million euros extra prize.
What is the Rain of Millions?
It is another draw, also associated with EuroMillions, but in this case for all Europe. It is done two Fridays per year, and among all the lines done for that Friday draw, 25 ones are chosen among all Europe, and those ones have an extra prize of one million euros.
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